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My Distant views.. about the Chaos

Rashmi A. Raut is from Kazan, Russian FederationAs I sit in my warm room..  looking out of the frozen window.. smelling coffee in the air.. listening to the sound of silence, my mind wanders. Miles away from this part of the world, far south, below the equator, to the country where I always wanted to be. I love Egypt for its ancient history. For the pyramids and mysterious stories. For the Nile and for Sahara. For Suez canal.

But rite now Egypt is in news. It's just all over. And it is now that I know what a citizen of Egypt feels or goes through in 2011. They have a lot of problems. First and the foremost- No freedom. People there never tasted democracy it seems. No freedom of vote, no freedom of press, no freedom to speak out for urself. All these are then topped up by corruption and increasing poverty. Hailing from the largest democracy in the world, I really do know what democratic values are. But these does not fit into any! It is a live example of how a fragile newly stood up nation was taken from the hands of long standing Emergency to Democracy to Autocracy.

This is what happened in Iraq and Tunisia and this is exactly what might happen in Russian Federations. And rite now the dream of a democratic Egypt seen by its inhabitants, is like some nightmare...even at its worst.

Egypt has been a symbol of a tolerant Islamic nation. It has been this self-image of the modern Sunni Arab. Egypt alongwith Jordan has had a peace treaty with Israel. This is surprising actually because most of us might not know this fact that except these two nations, all Middle East, the so-called "Islamic world" has absolutely no ties with Israel so much so that no citizens are allowed to visit Israel and vice versa. And yet Egypt did show the guts to stand out which actually surprises me at different levels. ...and this really makes me suspicious. But then, the fact that US backs Egypt and also Israel clears my doubts.

I care about Israel. I even care about Egypt, which is more at stake. But on this whole issue US seems to be relentlessly gloomy. And WHY? As Brookings' Shadi Hamid explains... US provides Egyptian military an aid of $1.3 billion yearly. So even if US backs the people against the govt.," if ever the army decides to shoot into a crowd of unarmed protesters, it will be shooting with hardware provided by United States" US has to be on the correct side of human rights. But it also has to be on the correct side in terms of history. And here they are not going to be the same. And hence I did expect some blather..

US still remained powerful and important in my view. Someone said me.. 'Power is like your mistress which doesn't stay with you for long' and truly it has already lost control of events..I even wonder if they really ever had any. It doesn't matter what D.C. says now.

It is so much more than just politics. It is about freedom of expression, freedom of religion, equality to women, desire to move forward with values which built the nation and adhering to them. It's about being a voice against dictatorship. Every citizen standing there on the streets of Egypt wants his government to hear his voice and if not, he will overthrow it. Trust me, He can.

It's because of my Dad that I have this curiosity, this desire of being a part of something...something huge. To witness it while I'm alive. In September 2010, I was making plans of visiting Egypt in the first week of Feb. 2011...and trust me that is the place where I want to be more than anything else rite now. To breath in the Change...

Rashmi A. Raut is from Kazan, Russian Federation

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